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Golden Fall


2025 Colorado Fall

Session One October 7th-10th, 2025 | 4 Students


Every year, without fail, Colorado lives up to its name, 'Colorful Colorado'. Clusters of aspens turn bright yellow and fill the mountainsides as underbrush explodes in reds, oranges, golds, and blues. And if you're lucky, the peaks get a dusting of white as fall storms bring snow to the mountains. This workshop will focus on expansive mountain scenery as well as intimate forest scenes with rows and rows of aspens.

Our itinerary for this tour will be flexible, in order to chase weather, light, and conditions as they occur - we'll use our experience to put you in the best possible position to make compelling photographs.


You will not only be taken to the best photography locations Colorado has to offer but will also be guided through the entire process of making compelling photographs, from in-field techniques to post-production. You will be instructed on choosing the best compositions, how to best utilize different types of light ranging from subtle to dramatic, how to capture the proper amount of dynamic range and depth of field, how to approach raw conversion, blending, sharpening, and artistic choices.

A more detailed agenda, lodging information, and meetup locations will be delivered upon sign up.


What's included and what's not?


  • Guide to some of the best locations in Colorado.

  • Infield instruction on capturing amazing photographs. 

  • Processing instruction on images from start to finish.

  • Daily lessons on composition, lighting, weather, and locations.

Not Included

  • Transportation

  • Meals and snacks

  • Lodging


What to bring

  • Your Camera. Basic knowledge of a camera is advised. A digital camera with manual control and interchangeable lenses is highly recommended.

  • Lenses. There are endless possibilities out there so bring whatever you have long to wide.

  • Tripod. There will be moments of low light and focal blending techniques so a sturdy tripod is highly recommended.

  • Camera Backpack. There will be hiking involved, nothing major, but long enough that we recommend a solid camera backpack.

  • Other gear. Bring plenty of batteries, lens cloths, memory cards, remote triggers, and your laptop.

  • Clothing. The weather in Colorado this time of year can range from 80 degrees to the 30's and snow. So bring layers. 

  • Hiking gear. Make sure to bring a sturdy pair of hiking boots as some of our locations might require moderate hiking terrain. Hiking poles might be a plus for certain hikes.

  • Snacks and Water. We will be spending most of our days out of town so make sure you can make it through the day with fuel.

_DSC7132-Edit copy 2.JPG
_DSC7842-Edit copy 2.jpg

Payment and terms

The cost of the workshop is $2,000 and includes everything listed above. A non-refundable deposit of $800 is required to reserve a space for this workshop. The final balance of $1,200 is due seven days before the workshop begins. and There will be no refunds on the full amount owed if you cancel after the final payment. However, If we find another client to fill your space, you will receive a full refund, minus your non-refundable deposit. Payments can be arranged through PayPal.

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