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Private Workshop

Let's create your trip!

Private trips personalized to your bucket list.


Private workshops are available for any kind of adventure or desired learning. From single-day adventures learning composition, planning, and infield instruction. To a multiday excursion in a location, you have been dying to shoot and need a guide both for compositions and with your camera.

These workshops will focus on building your tool kit to help you plan your next adventure on your own. We will not only focus on your camera skills but how to plan, scout, and prepare to photography any location you are interested in.

Tell me where you want to go and how many days you want to be out, and I will put together a comprehensive itinerary and shot list for the adventure. As part of the planning, I will arrange accommodations and necessary rentals for accessing the desired area we plan to photograph in. All you need to do is show up, be ready to learn, and press the shutter! 

All instruction, whether it is one day or multiple days comes with a processing session using an image you captured out in the field. 


What's included and what's not


  • Guide to locations determined.

  • Infield instruction on capturing amazing photographs. 

  • Processing instruction on images from start to finish.

  • Daily lessons on composition, lighting, weather, and locations.

Not Included

  • Transportation

  • Meals and snacks

  • Lodging


What to bring

  • Your Camera. Basic knowledge of a camera is advised. A  digital camera with manual control and interchangeable lenses is highly recommended.

  • Lenses. There are endless possibilities out there so bring whatever you have long to wide.

  • Tripod. There will be moments of low light and focal blending techniques so a sturdy tripod is highly recommended.

  • Camera Backpack. There will be hiking involved, nothing major, but long enough that we recommend a solid camera backpack.

  • Other gear. Bring plenty of batteries, lens cloths, memory cards, remote triggers, and your laptop.

  • Clothing. Based on our location I will provide a pack list for our adventure based on the time of year.

  • Hiking gear. Based on our location I will recommend the type of hiking and camping gear needed for our adventure.

  • Snacks and Water. We will be spending most of our days out of town so make sure you can make it through the day with hydration and energy fuel.

DSC02039-1 - Copy copy.jpeg

Payment and terms

The cost of a private workshop is variable and includes everything listed above, plus any additional items agreed upon at the time of deposit. A non-refundable deposit of 75% of the cost is required to reserve a private for this workshop. The final balance of the remaining 25% is due seven days before the workshop begins. There will be no refunds on the full amount owed if you cancel after final payment. Payment can be arranged through PayPal.

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